How To Play Android Games

How To Play Android Games: Today, many people were interested in buying smart phones. Once they bought, from child to adult were very much interested in playing the games. Even the aged people also very likely to play the games. But as we know looking to the game, install it and uninstall if it was not challenging game is common. And became very much difficult to search the best and challenging game. The best way is to find out the way to play the Android games that possess sufficient space as well as memory.


For suppose if we choose PC, then it is not so hard. Lets the user boot the system directly into the Android system. Plenty of Android emulators are available to run all the games as well as apps which are supported by Windows environment. We are here to provide the best ways for playing Android games using different emulators. Not only the games, one can run all the different Android apps in PC.

There are the various emulators available to install the Android apps in PC. Some of them can be categorized as follows:

  1. BlueStacks
  2. Android SDK
  3. Genymotion
  4. Android X-86


Bluestacks is one of the best and outstanding emulator act like the software and is very easy to install. Once the installation process gets completed, run on the separate window on the desktop. The environment is very similar to the Android platform. This helps in providing the connection to the Google play store and can install multiple games available on the emulator. If the user has taken the Apk file from any one or any where else than simple can install successfully with the help of Bluestacks. Thus one can install the most and best challenging games. Enjoy the experience in a greater way.


Android SDK :

One of the best alternatives is Android SDK which is considered as the official emulator. This is especially for Android App developers available in Google. This is generally used to test the apps. One has to download Android SDK manager program. Select tools and manage the AVDs. One has to create the Android Virtual Machine to own the configuration. If the creation gets completed, click on start to launch without any failure.



The Genymotion is again one of the best emulators which is very much attractive including the high speed and all the features. This generally allows the option of providing the drag and drop installation of apps and games. One can test the app or the game on the large screen and helps to support the sensor system and open GL.


Android X-86:

Android X-86 is one of the best desktop version available for Android OS which can run on AMD, Intel processors also. You have to install the version very similar to windows or Linux OS for the X-86 based systems. This is mainly referred as a community project, and currently supports very few number of devices likely Dell Inspiron Mini Duo, Samsung Q1U and so on. the best feature it possesses Android X-86 can be installed on the virtual machine with the help of VMware.



We are here to provide the best ways for playing the Android games. One can access the tutorial for free.  Download the best challenging games from the above-mentioned emulators and enjoy the experience. If you have any doubts comment on the below section. If you like the article, share on the social networking sites. Thank you for the visit.

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